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TELEGRAPH TRAVEL - 22 December 2007

Many French people are unsure what Armagnac is: a brand of Cognac? A by-product? Some kind of cheap substitute? No,no and no again. This autumn, a sharp producer had a bottle of his Armagnac on the Moscow market for £6,000. So "cheap" and "substitute" don't really apply.
[...] The best visit in Ténarèze ix provided at Mansencôme by the Château Busca Maniban, a proper 17th century château with a proper châtelaine. If you're in luck, Madame Floriane de Ferron will herself show you round the salons befor letting you loose on a terrific range of Armagnacs. Her 1976 vintage is a particular treat - and her advice invaluable. You should taste spirits not in a brandy balloon but in a tulip-shaped glass; it's better for the aromas. Beware ageing claims. Spirits only improve in barrels. Once bottled, they evolve no more. So a 1952 Armagnac bottled in 1962 is effectively 10 years old.
Château Busca-Maniban, Mansencôme, near Condom (0033 5 6228 4038, Mon-Sat, April 1-Nov 1; or by arrangement; £4.30.

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