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Habanos-Armagnac : Perfect Matches Grab Prizes

Daily Festival - n3 - 02 March 2006

Armagnac Match Contest panned out to be a genuinely universal celebration in which the top winners were the Château du Busca Maniban brandy - from the Armagnac family - that tied the knot with the Cohiba Esplendido, and [...]
The contest picked up the criteria of an ample representation of attendants to the Habano Festival, including sommeliers, producers and lovers of Be ultimate Cuban smoke, as well as experts who sipped eau-de-vies distilled in the French region of Gascony.
Chateau du Busca-Maniban stands out as one of the most distinguished and traditional eau-de-vies of Ugni BLANC, harvested and distilled by the Ferron-Palthey family. This brandy got two thumbs up as it matched perfectly with a great-tasting cigar band from the Cohiba brand that's on sale in all markets that deal with Cuban cigars. [...]

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