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All about Armagnac

the grape varieties, wine-making, distillation and ageing processes that produce the oldest brandy in France.

Find out all about the oldest brandy in France.
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About the region

The Château du Busca, better known as the Château du Busca-Maniban, was built in 1649 on one of several geodesic points in the Gers (Gascony), at 202 m above sea level, on the site on an ancient fortified castle.

It is part of the village of Mansencôme, 5 km west of Valence-sur-Baïse and 10 km south of Condom, in the heart of the Ténarèze, in South West France. This central part of the Armagnac region offers a landscape of rolling hills fringed with woodland and dotted with old farms and ancient strongholds.


Why 'Busca'? 

Small clusters of black oak are dotted around limestone outcrops near the hilltops. The château takes its name from these woods, as 'Busca' means 'bosquet' (copse) in the old Gascon dialect.

The castle is closed for visit but the boutique is open.

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