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The first Trofeo awards poster

An award
for the 1974

Upon presentation at the first Trofeo, Château du Busca-Maniban is proud to have been awarded first prize for its 1974 vintage in combination with the equally well-known Cohiba Esplendidos.

First prize certificate obtained by Château du Busca-Maniban

Armagnac & cigars,
The perfect union of outstanding flavours

Epicures and connoisseurs the world over are already well aware that the finest armagnacs' most subtle aromas are perfectly suited to those of the greatest Cuban cigars. Savouring one with the other reveals the unexpected splendour of combinations that will afford greater pleasure than each would in turn. Yet the secrets of this rare alchemy were in the past relatively unknown outside the most select cigar clubs.  

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Such sensory delights have now been popularised by the first Trofeo Habanos Armagnac awards, which took place in Havana in early March 2006. On this occasion, Château du Busca-Maniban was awarded first prize for its 1974 vintage in combination with the Cohiba Esplendidos.

What Spirit Journal has to say about our
Hors d'âge "cigar" selection

Château du Busca Hors d’Age Cigare - Ténarèze Armagnac
(France; Preiss Imports, Ramona, CA) - 40% abv, $75.
The color of this brandy is a brilliant reddish copper/henna hue; impeccable clarity. The initial aromas offer woody, nutty scents that meld beautifully over the span of two minutes; the extra aeration period of seven minutes sees the aroma become a more expressive and integrated bouquet as lovely fragrances of baked pear, mince meat, pine sap, and pipe tobacco make for thrilling sniffing. The palate entry tastes of dried red fruits, maple sugar, and pine; at midpalate, the flavor profile is laced with succulent tastes of maple, pear in brandy, sap, oaky vanilla, and pipe smoke. The aftertaste is every bit as fulfilling and gratifying as the sensational late bouquet and midpalate. A defining Tenarèze moment.
Spirit Journal Rating: ***** Highest Recommendation & Best Buy.

A few words on
the Esplendidos

Yves Belaubre, journalist and celebrated cigar critic, briefly describes the joint winner of the Trofeo 2006 award, a sophisticated Cohiba cigar:

The Cohiba Esplendidos - a Churchill format (178/18.65mm, factory size: Julieta 2) - like the Robusto and Siglo VI, perfectly illustrates the power and glory of the Cohiba brand.
This is a strong, distinguished cigar, without any aggressivity. Initially the smoke is reminiscent of roasted coffee, then takes on a full-bodied density as the Cohiba reveals its distinctive aromas of spice and leather. As the cigar evolves it gains both strength and aromatic complexity, opening out onto vivid suggestions of woody, earthy tones, roasted coffee and almonds, cocoa and leather.
A cigar for connoisseurs and for those given to the indulgence of the senses...

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